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Download e-book for kindle: 300+ Developmental Language Strategies for Clinic & by Charlann S Simon

By Charlann S Simon

ISBN-10: 0961900628

ISBN-13: 9780961900625

Language concepts for health facility and school room

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LSo old (Muka) bloiki 'blissful, happy" P blog;; Slamen ON (1421), Distr Spremberg, LSo Slomjen, cf. LSo stoma 'straw', USo sloma, old and dial (SSA 1,34) stoma. , Gladow GN (1345), now Gladau near Burg, based on *g(}ald-, er. Pb glad 'hunger'; Slamou GN (1459), now Schlamau near Gorzke, based on *soalm-~ er. Pb slomii/slomo 'straw'. Finally, Monumenta Germaniae historica (Scrip to res rerum Germanicarum) lists for the year 789 the name of the Obodrit prince Dragawit, based possibly on *Dragovit, cf.

L6di 1954. E. Eichler. ~ Wissenschtiftliche Zeitschrjft der Karl-Marx-Universitiit Leipzig, Gesellschafts- und sprachwissenschaftliche Reihe, 12, 1963. R. KrajcQvic. HPSL, pp. 126-131. Z. Topolinska HPKDP, p. 9. H. SChuster-Sewc. "Zur Stellung des Niedersorbischen im Rahmen des Westslawischen (Die Entwickl ung der ursl. " LISL, ~ 25, 1978. 38 H. Restructuring the vowel system 11. Restructuring the vowel system Following the second palatalization ofvelars and the changes affectingj-cLusters, but probably concomitantly with the labialization offront vowels, the vowel system of CS underwent a basic restructuring, as a result of which long and short vowels changed into qualitatively distinct vowels, resulting in effect in the loss of phonemic quantity.

3. The third palatalization LSo Musk cap{a; (Boemus de) Cappeliez ON (1364), now Pottschapfitz, USo Pocaplicy, village NE Bischofswerda; Grobelicz ON (1350), now Groblitz, Distr Rochlitz, cf. LSo grob/a 'ditch, trench', USo hfjebja. 3. The third palatalization The velars kg x could no longer occur before front vowels or j after the operation of the second palatalization and the elimination of j-clusters. However, they were allowed in a position after front vowels. A tendency arose in SI to remove them from this environment as well and change them into corresponding palatal affricates or spirants.

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300+ Developmental Language Strategies for Clinic & Classroom by Charlann S Simon

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