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Stolkin R. (ed. ) Scene reconstruction, pose estimation and monitoring (I-Tech, 2007)(ISBN 9783902613066)(600dpi)(T)(538s)_CsIp_

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The Engineering team of the Geological Society convened a operating social gathering in 1993 and gave it the target of featuring an authoritative, finished and modern account of the use in building of rock in better particulate shape, as a result regularly known as 'stone'. The club of the operating social gathering comprised specialists within the origins, research, extraction, processing, use, specification, decay, cleansing and service of stone.

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Responding to Changes Another essential ingredient to the success of certification and accreditation is ensuring compliance with external requirements. To do this, program managers must establish a process for ensuring they are aware of changes that affect the program and that permit them to develop an understanding of the changes’ impacts. Examples of changes that could change the ground rules for the program might include the passage of new laws and dissemination of new regulations; requirements associated with new business agreements and contracts; new business models and initiatives; mergers and acquisitions; and new operating locations.

A job analysis should be conducted to determine if a full-time security position is necessary, and it should consider elements such as separation of duties, need for independence, level of compliance required and consequent scrutiny necessary, and the security posture of the systems; those with extensive remediation plans will most benefit by the assignment of a full-time security officer at least on a temporary basis. Expertise Required Specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities are required to perform certification and accreditation tasks.

Fm Page 36 Monday, October 31, 2005 10:48 AM 36 Ⅲ Building and Implementing a Security C&A Program Ⅲ Offering solutions for implementing the organization’s certification and accreditation methodology or ruling on whether a particular planned approach will comply with policies and standards. Ⅲ Educating personnel on certification and accreditation practices and procedures. This may take the form of telephone discussions, one-on-one briefings to executive managers, presentations to small groups of managers, and formal training sessions presented to large groups of employees.

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