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A Comprehensive Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry by Carmen Warren PDF

By Carmen Warren

ISBN-10: 8182470501

ISBN-13: 9788182470507

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Was extensively used in the Viet• decalin ; nam war to defoliate jungles. obtained when naphthalene is ; • deformation energy reduced by hydrogen in the presence of nickel as a catalyst; ~ refers to the energy which must : be supplied to an initially first tetralin and them decalin ~ spherical nucleus to give it a is formed. ; certain deformation in the • decay : Bohr-Wheeler Theory. it describes how the activity of ~ • deformation potential a substance decreases with ~ effective electric potential acttime.

Chemical species. S + - 2 ==> S02 :I • compound 2 S + 3 02 = = > 2 S03 I When shaken with water, the a compound is a substance Products of combustion dis- I composed of two or more elsolve, forming an acidic solu- ements that are bound totion which turns litmus red. gether by chemical bonds. A S02 + H 20 = = > H 2S03 compound cannot be broken SO + H = = > H SO I down into its individual ele3 2 2 4 ments of which it is composed • common group by physical means. However, I common groups which are de- a compound can be broken rived from hydrocarbons in- down to the elements of which dude: it is composed by chemical Alkylgroups means.

__ ~ .... _. ;.. _ I deamination the term used for abstraction or replacement ofthe amino group in organic substances . ,===: : • debye effect ~ selective absorption ofhertzian ; waves h"l dielectrics, because of ~ app~ent existence of molecu: lar dipoles. I • debye~huckel theory 2. an ion or free radical which ~ the activity coefficient of an is produced by dissociation or ~ electrolyte depe~d mark~dly reaction of some other (parent) ; upon. concentratIon. In dilu~e ion or radical. , Sc to Zn, Y I ions.

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A Comprehensive Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry by Carmen Warren

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