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Read e-book online A Course in Modern Icelandic PDF

By Friðjónsson, Jón

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Nate rotates posteriorly (paired arrows). _-�M1'---t---+---1-- A' across the inferior slopes of the anterior superior iliac spines (ASISs) show their asymmetric positions. The sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments restrict nuta· tion of the sacrum. The superior pubic liga­ ment helps hold the pubic bones together anteriorly. They cannot offer much resis­ tance to vertical shearing of the pubic sym­ physis. superior pubic ligament Pelvic Ligaments The ligaments of the pelvis are described in various ways in 2.

The superior interlumbar facets are shaped to fit a vertical cylinder, the posterior part facing medi­ ally and the anterior part facing posteriorly. Unlike the interlumbar In this chapter: • Osteology • Pelvic landmarks zygapophyseal joints, the lumbosacral facets are nearly flat planes orient­ • Pelvic ligaments ed 45 degrees to the coronal and sagittal planes. • Muscles of the pelvis There is individual variation in lumbosacral facet orientation. Those facets which are closer to the coronal plane permit more sidebending and rotation of L5 on the sacrum.

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A Course in Modern Icelandic by Friðjónsson, Jón

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