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A Guide to O’Casey’s Plays: From the Plough to the Stars - download pdf or read online

By John O'Riordan

ISBN-10: 1349070939

ISBN-13: 9781349070930

ISBN-10: 1349070955

ISBN-13: 9781349070954

An in depth advisor and research of playwright Sean O'Casey's works - performs and Playlets- by way of John O'Riordan. Touches on 23 of his O'Casey's works.

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20 A Guide to O'Casey's Plays Shortly before he died, O'Casey's former lodging associate published an article in Irish in Feasta (Bealtaine, 1955) describing his life with O'Casey and the Black and Tan raid that took place on their tenement on Good Friday, 1921. The English translation appears in a recent American edited anthology entitled: Essays on Sean O'Casey's Autobiographies by Robert G. Lowery. The circumstantial meeting of the two is described by O'Maolain thus: We had known each other for some years before Sean moved in to room with me.

In both acts, the pitch is varied in successive scenes, the gradations of which must be as carefully executed as the unpremeditated nature of the structure of the performance as a whole. The serious message of the play must not be overexposed at the expense of overlooking the tragicomic mixture, at which O'Casey excels. The play is still valid, for its theme is universal: it has the lasting truth that in every revolution there is always the shadow of a gunman: the inert, passive revolutionary, secretly seduced by ideas of violence and heroism, but slow to act or condemn.

He's a man. Leave it there, mate. You needn't be afraid av Dolph us Grigson; there never was a drop av informer's blood in the whole family av Grigson. I don't know what you are or what you think, but you're a man, an' not like some of the goughers in this house, that ud hang you. Not referrin' to you, Mr Shields. MRS GRIGSON: Oh, you're not deludin' to Mr Shields. SEUMAS: I know that, Mr Grigson; go on down, now, with Mrs Grigson, an' have a sleep. ADOLPHus: I tie meself to no woman's apron strings, Mr Shields; I know how to keep Mrs Grigson in her place; I have the authority of the Bible for that.

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