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American Society for Testing and Materia's A Guide to Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials Accidents PDF

By American Society for Testing and Materia

ISBN-10: 080311415X

ISBN-13: 9780803114159

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Use a combustible gas indicator to determine the boundary of the L E L of the flammable vapors. 2. Keep all unauthorized persons out of the area. 3. Dig holes or trenches or build earthen dikes in the path of a flowing liquid surface from which vapor can be given off. 4. Cover the liquid with sand, dirt, or appropriate foam to blanket the surface and reduce the rate of evaporation. The vapor of most flammable liquids is heavier than air and forms a layer along the ground which mixes slowly with the air.

Aerosol cans have no safety device. Nonflammable Gas 31 MNLIO-EB/Dec. 1990 FLAMMABLEGAS, FLAMMABLELIQUID, COMBUSTIBLEHQUID DOT CLASSES Note Flammable Gas, Flammable Liquid, Combustible Liquid These classes form a continuum of decreasing fire hazard in the order given. Fire hazard as used herein refers to the ease with which flammable vapors are evolved and the vapor pressure-temperature characteristics of the material, n o t to the ability of a material to sustain fire once ignited. DEFINITIONS Combustible Liquid Flammable Gas Flammable Liquid Any liquid that has a flash point at or above 100~ (38~ and below 200~ (93~ A flammable material or mixture having a vapor pressure exceeding 40 psi (275 kPa) absolute at 100~ (38~ Any liquid having a flash point below 100~ (38~ RELATED TERMS Autoignition Point The minimum temperature required to initiate combustion of a flammable vapor in the absence of spark or flame.

60 HAZARDOUSMATERIALSACCIDENTS Spontaneous Exothermic Decomposition Most alkyl aluminums when heated sufficiently break down to release olefins, hydrogen, and aluminum. Diethylzinc (100%; UN 1366) may undergo violent exothermic decomposition if heated above 248~ (120~ BULKSHIPMENTS No standard methods have been developed for extinguishing large-scale metal alkyl fires. Contact manufacturers for advice. 45 kilograms) aluminum alkyl). Vermiculite has been used to float on top of a spill to minimize air contact.

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