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Paul M. Cook's A Sign and a Wonder: The Redactional Formation of Isaiah PDF

By Paul M. Cook

ISBN-10: 9004205918

ISBN-13: 9789004205918

Whereas many stories on Isaiah have an interest within the formation of the publication, particularly few have addressed the improvement of the oracles pertaining to overseas countries. Like many different prophetic books, the ebook of Isaiah incorporates a part of international countries oracles (Isaiah 13-23), yet inside of this assortment is a smaller grouping of literary fabric that bargains with the countries of Cush (Ethiopia) and Egypt (Isaiah 18-20). This e-book considers the formation of this smaller workforce approximately Cush and Egypt in the literary context of the expansion of the bigger assortment and the improvement of those person chapters. This publication additionally contributes a clean method of the formation of overseas countries oracles in Isa 13-23.

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This initial group of oracles (Isa 14:28–20:6) was later supplemented with a separate collection of five shorter ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬oracles. Four of these are contained within Isa 21–22, while the fifth has since been displaced to its current position at 30:6–7. 49 Duhm’s early proposal is attractive for advocating the growth of Isa 13–23 by increments that are not strictly defined by the ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬superscription, but his view of these chapters as an independent booklet is less plausible. Although he offers no basis besides thematic coherence within the units, his position is clearly distinguished from subsequent views that involve the incorporation of a self-contained collection of ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬oracles.

10 Despite a solid basis for the distinction of a sense for ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬aside from ‘burden’, the derivation from ‫ נשׂא קוֹל‬is difficult to sustain, since in no case in the Hebrew Bible is a prophetic figure ever said to lift up his or her voice to speak a ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬. -P. Müller, “‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬,” TDOT 9:20–24; also Johannis D. Michaelis, Observationes philologicae et criticae in Jeremiae Vaticinia et Threnos (ed. Johannes Friedericus Schleusner; Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1793), 199–201; Karl Heinrich Graf, Der Prophet Jeremia (Leipzig: Weigel, 1862), 315; Karl Marti, Das Buch Jesaja (KHC 10; Tübingen: Mohr [Siebeck], 1900), 117; Ronald E.

As a result, his application of the formal elements to other oracles is occasionally forced. For example, it is not at all clear how Isa 14:31 (“Wail, O gate; cry, O city; melt, O Philistia, all of you! For from the north smoke comes, and there is no straggler in its ranks”) is supposed to function as both a flight passage and a lamentation text. 31 In sum, Geyer seeks to identify a formal structure for the composition of the ON-IJE in the hopes of tracing the origins of a specific type of literature, but the challenges to his analysis suggest that the identification of a common literary structure for these oracles remains elusive.

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