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Download e-book for iPad: A Vulgar Art: A New Approach to Stand-Up Comedy by Ian Brodie

By Ian Brodie

ISBN-10: 1628461829

ISBN-13: 9781628461824

In A Vulgar Art Ian Brodie makes use of a folkloristic method of stand-up comedy, enticing the discipline’s principal approach to learning interpersonal, inventive verbal exchange and function. simply because stand-up comedy is a slightly vast classification, those who learn it usually commence by way of referring to it to anything they recognize―“literature” or “theatre”; “editorial” or “morality”―and learn it for that reason. A Vulgar Art starts with a extra primary remark: anyone is status in entrance of a bunch of individuals, chatting with them without delay, and attempting to lead them to chuckle. So this e-book takes the instant of functionality as its concentration, that stand-up comedy is a collaborative act among the comic and the audience.

Although the shape of speak at the degree resembles speak between buddies and intimates in social settings, stand-up comedy continues to be a occupation. As such, it calls for functionality outdoors of the comedian’s personal group to achieve higher and bigger audiences. How do comedians recreate that surroundings of intimacy in a roomful of strangers? This booklet regards every little thing from microphones to garments and LPs to Twitter as thoughts for bridging the spatial, temporal, and socio-cultural distances among the performer and the audience.

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Established comedians have the advantage of being known to the audience already: they can bring a more nuanced worldview to the stage. “New” comedians (new to the particular audience, at least) require a catch that orients them for the audience. In the continuum between wholly unknown to established and celebrated comedian, each is engaged in the task of establishing an intimate exchange between himself or herself and the audience, or, in other words, creating a group through talk. Stand-Up Comedy and a Folkloristic Approach 19 Critical to any study of comedy is moving beyond text and examining the context of performance.

That history and worldview may or may not be representative of the group: the comedian may in fact stand on the periphery of the group or, as is the case for the itinerant stand-up comedian, ostensibly, wholly outside it. The history is personal, in that it is either from the narrator’s perspective or it is the narrator’s own experience. So, too, is the worldview presented: it is perspectival and, as a possible consequence, iconoclastic. Testimonials, much like myth, concern origins inasmuch as they relate events fundamental to the individual’s history and worldview.

There are certain broad social categories, like “American” or “children,” which identify groups whose named common factors are recognized as culturally significant keywords, even to the purported members themselves, but are simultaneously contestable given the numerous interpretations of how to define that common factor. In practice, identifying a large-scale group by its common factor can be most fruitful, as the delineation of immediately consequent additional common factors by the folklorist is likely to coincide with a general consensus among the constituent members of the group under discussion.

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A Vulgar Art: A New Approach to Stand-Up Comedy by Ian Brodie

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