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ADA An Introduction: Ada Reference Manual (July 1980) by Henry Ledgard (auth.) PDF

By Henry Ledgard (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0387905685

ISBN-13: 9780387905686

ISBN-10: 1468401262

ISBN-13: 9781468401264

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_NAME. The only language defined operations that can be used are assignment and comparison for equality or inequality. _NAME as a limited private type, as in: type FILE_NAME is limited private; In either case, the visible part of the package is followed by a private part, in which the full type definition of each private type is given. This form is characteristic of situations where we want complete control over the operations of a type. Packages with private types serve a dual role. On the one hand, they prevent a user from operating on data of the type defined in the package.

0)*(TIME**2); return RISE; end; 36 Subprograms This function has the following general form function NELRISE(parameters) return type-of-result is -- local declarations begin -- local statements end; Observe that the type of the value returned by a function must be specified, and that the function body must include one or more return statements. Execution of a return statement terminates execution of the subprogram and specifies the value to be returned. 2 CALLING SUBPROGRAMS Once a subprogram has been defined, we want to use it, sometimes from many places in a program.

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ADA An Introduction: Ada Reference Manual (July 1980) by Henry Ledgard (auth.)

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