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Download e-book for kindle: Advanced Judo and Self-Defence by Pat Butler

By Pat Butler

Introduction to complex Judo and Self-Defence.
Basic Judo.
Counter Throws.
Combination Throwing Techniques.
Advanced Self-Defence-One.
Advanced Self-Defence-Two.
Advanced Self-Defence-Three.
The Judo Instructor.
The Judo Club.
Glossary of jap Judo Terms.

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Private collection. indd 38 12/18/09 8:51:03 AM THE PUBLIC RECORD OF NINJUTSU 39 Warriors climbing a castle’s walls. From the Ehon Taikō-ki. indd 39 12/18/09 8:51:04 AM 40 CHAPTER 2 This war began from conflict over succession to the shogunate between members of the Ashikaga family. Yoshihisa, mentioned above, was still a child when put among these applicants to the shōgunate. 31 This war lasted ten years, and Yoshihisa, who gained the right to the title of shōgun at nine years of age by his father, Yoshimasa, sought to restore the military prestige of his family as soon as he was of age.

The two provinces share a similar geography. They represented the ideal hiding-place for all the escaping warriors, fugitives, gangsters, and those dissatisfied with the battles between the two courts. They were a place of refuge for those who wished for seclusion and peace, far from the large cities of the time. The annals of the Muromachi Bakufu, Nochi Kagami (後鑑), provide the first written reference that mentions and associates the ninja with the provinces of Iga and Kōga. In a particular article quoted by Sugiyama Hiroshi, one finds the following: With regard to the ninja, it is known that they were native to the provinces of Iga and Kōga, and could easily slip secretly into enemy castles.

A rider of first line, named Kishizawa Yoichi, ran towards this “enemy” force to achieve the ideal of all samurai: to be the first in battle. He galloped towards the “enemy” army of Imai Kenroku, who hopelessly sought to regain control of his army. He impaled Imai Kenroku in the back with his lance. Working to prepare his attack and thinking that only allies were behind him, he was too surprised to offer any resistance. Imai Kenroku fell from his horse and died. The two allied armies began the combat between them, and approximately twenty warriors were killed before restoring order.

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Advanced Judo and Self-Defence by Pat Butler

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