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Download PDF by M. L. (editor) Wolfrom: Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Vol. 13

By M. L. (editor) Wolfrom

ISBN-10: 0120072130

ISBN-13: 9780120072132

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Roy. (London), 74, 188 (1904). 4 530 140 150 25 H HO m HHO H 104(~&-l) HO HO OMe H OMe H XXI Methyl 8-D-galactopyranoside Methyl a-u-galactopyranoside OH -O@OH - C3 H XXII H XXI). The results indicated a considerable variation arising from differences in the configuration a t C4 (as well as of those of the glycosidic centers). More extensive investigations by Riiber and S@rensena2 and by Isbell (82) C. N. Itiiber and N . A. S@rensen,Kgl. Norske Videnskab. Selskabs Skrifter, No. 1, 1 (1938); Chem.

9, 1 (1954). (157) R. U. Lemieux and C. Brice, Can. J . , 33, 109 (1955); 34, 1006 (1956). (158) R. U. Lemieux, C. Brice and G. Huber, Can. J . , 33, 134 (1955). (159) 1’. Brewster, F. Hiron, E. D. Hughes, C. K. Ingold and P. A. D. S. Rao, Nature, 166, 170 (1950); C. K. Ingold, “Structure and Mechanism in Organic Chemistry,’’ G. , London, 1953, p. 396. 44 F. sHAFIZADEH this decomposes to a carbonium ion, which affords an alcohol of predominantly inverted configuration plus some olefins. The reaction proceeds through the SN1mechanism, and complete racemization is prevented by a masking effect of the departing group.

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Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Vol. 13 by M. L. (editor) Wolfrom

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