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Read e-book online After Gödel: Platonism and Rationalism in Mathematics and PDF

By Richard Tieszen

ISBN-10: 019960620X

ISBN-13: 9780199606207

Richard Tieszen offers an research, improvement, and safety of a few crucial principles in Kurt Godel's writings at the philosophy and foundations of arithmetic and good judgment. Tieszen constructions the argument round Godel's 3 philosophical heroes - Plato, Leibniz, and Husserl - and his engagement with Kant, and vitamins shut readings of Godel's texts on foundations with fabrics from Godel's Nachlass and from Hao Wang's discussions with Godel. in addition to offering discussions of Godel's perspectives at the philosophical value of his technical effects on completeness, incompleteness, undecidability, consistency proofs, speed-up theorems, and independence proofs, Tieszen furnishes a close research of Godel's critique of Hilbert and Carnap, and of his next flip to Husserl's transcendental philosophy in 1959. in this foundation, a brand new form of platonic rationalism that calls for rational instinct, referred to as 'constituted platonism', is constructed and defended. Tieszen exhibits how constituted platonism addresses the matter of the objectivity of arithmetic and of the data of summary mathematical items. eventually, he considers the results of this place for the declare that human minds ('monads') are machines, and discusses the problems of pragmatic holism and rationalism.

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22 with 65,536 ‘2’s in all. The conclusion, in other words, just cannot be feasibly derived in first-order logic, but there is a short and simple argument demonstrating its validity in any standard system of second-order logic. Boolos says that, although this fact “cannot by itself be regarded as an overwhelming consideration for the view that first-order logic ought never to have been accorded canonical status as Logic, it certainly is one further consideration” in favor of such a view. ” Boolos says that cognitive scientists ought to be suspicious of the view that logic as it appears in many logic texts adequately represents the whole of the science of valid inference.

As such, they have no meaning but they can be manipulated in certain ways, just as i is not a real number but can be manipulated algebraically using the fact that i2 = –1. Hilbert’s idea was that just as i leads to no new algebraic identities, the use of ideal sentences and reasoning about them would not allow the derivation of any new real sentences. That is, no new sentences could be derived that were not already derivable finitistically. Hilbert’s program is, in this sense, a conservation program: the formalizations which included ideal elements in mathematics would be shown to be conservative extensions of the real part of mathematics, thus effectively eliminating the dependence on the ideal elements.

Only syntactical properties and relations should figure into the consistency proof. Moreover, any allegedly dubious type of “intuition” would be eliminated, since only the intuition or perception of finite sign configurations remains. Hilbert puts it the following way: as a condition for the use of logical inferences . . something must already be given to our faculty of representation, certain extralogical concrete objects that are intuitively present as immediate experience prior to all thought.

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After Gödel: Platonism and Rationalism in Mathematics and Logic by Richard Tieszen

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