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ISBN-10: 1601199112

ISBN-13: 9781601199119

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Sections with the design traffic loading. 7-5. Design examples. The examples are not to be used as design criteria. They are intended solely to illustrate how the criteria in this manual would be used in an assumed situation. Any attempt to arbitrarily apply these examples to actual design problems without a complete design analysis, following the procedures outlined in this manual, may result in faulty pavement design. 7-13 EM 111 0-3-141 9 Apr 84 Table 7-2. CBR Flexible Pavement Design Procedure Item Total thickness Procedure 1.

Jet fuel-resistant bituminous surfacings may be used in new construction, where expedient, or as overlays. See appendix A for criteria on fuel resistant rubberized-tar mixes. De$ign fuel resistant flexible pavement as outlined in chapter 7 for conven~ional pavement, except that the surface will consist of a tar or asphalt binder topped with a minimum of 1-1/2 inches of rubberized tar wearing course. Joints 8-1 EM 1110-3-141 9 Apr 84 in the wearing course are-particularly critical and care must be taken in bonding the joints to ptevent leakage which would result in deterioration of the asphalt below.

No. 40 5-25 5-25 5-25 No. 200 0-10 0-10 0-10 5-6. Base course compaction. 100 percent maximwn density. Compact the base course to a minimwn of 5-7. Proof rolling. In addition to compacting the base course to the required density, proof-rolling on the surfaces of completed base courses is required. The proof roller is a heavy rubber-tired roller having four tires, each loaded to 30,000 pounds or more and inflated to at least 150 psi. A coverage is the application of one tire print over each point in the surface.

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Airfield Flexible Pavement - Mobilization Construction - Engineering and Design (EM 1110-3-141)

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