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By Various

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Input the darkish international of survival horror. The lifeless stroll between us. This role-playing online game helps you to play in an international infested through the strolling useless. the most rulebook contains ideas for personality construction, strive against and every thing else you must play in an international of survival horror. additionally specific are the a number of crusade settings so that you can customise the kind of ''deadworld'' you need to discover.

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Characters with Resources of 0 or below do not get a bonus or penalty. For example, Grygori is a 23-year old Survivor with Intelligence 3 and Resources 1. He gets 30 points for being a Survivor, 9 points for Intelligence, 0 points for age, and 1 point for status, for a total of 40 Skill points. Unisystem Cast Members When employing Cast Members across Unisystem games, such as All Flesh Must Be Eaten, WitchCraft or Armageddon, Zombie Masters should consider play balance. Other than Norms, All Flesh Must Be Eaten Cast Members are based on a 70-point total.

In other settings, where prejudice has the full weight of the law and tradition behind it, this Drawback might be worth 2 to 3 points. 2-point Mental Drawback A particular person or task dominates the character’s life, to the exclusion of most other things. To pursue his Obsession, he will go to almost any lengths (as limited by his morality). He may neglect other duties, both personal and professional, to pursue that which fascinates him. The Obsession may be a person (who may or may not be aware of his feelings, but who almost certainly is upset about their intensity) or a task (like getting revenge on somebody, or performing some important or notorious feat).

With a Perception of 3, the character has good senses and intuition, and is not easily fooled or confused. A character with a Willpower of 3 is rarely convinced or bullied under normal circumstances. Level 4: An Attribute at level 4 is well above average. Very few people -- perhaps one out of every ten in a random group -- have an Attribute at this level. Strength and Constitution 4 can be found only in athletes, including the best football players in a large high school, or college campus, extensively trained Special Forces soldiers, and other people who spend a large amount of time and effort keeping in shape.

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