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Download PDF by Lawrence W Baker: American Revolution Reference Library Vol 3 (K-Z)

By Lawrence W Baker

ISBN-10: 0787637904

ISBN-13: 9780787637903

ISBN-10: 0787637920

ISBN-13: 9780787637927

ISBN-10: 0787637955

ISBN-13: 9780787637958

ISBN-10: 078769147X

ISBN-13: 9780787691479

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S. Congress finally got around to recognizing L’Enfant’s achievements and directed that his remains be removed to a special site in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The cemetery is a public monument for people who have made sacrifices in their lives for the public good. Congress ordered that a monument be erected at the gravesite. On April 22, 1909, L’Enfant’s remains were unearthed, placed in a metal-lined casket, covered with the American flag, and moved to Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington, where they rested for six days.

From his mother and her family, the young man inherited the title of marquis (pronounced mar-KEE) and a sizable fortune. The wealthy orphan boy was shy and awkward. He was educated at the highly respected College du Plessis in Paris, and in 1771, he joined the French army. At that time in history, when the average life span was much shorter than it is today, important life events such as beginning a career and marriage typically took place at much younger ages than they do now. In 1773, at age sixteen, Lafayette married fourteenyear-old Adrienne de Noailles (pronounced ay-dree-EN duh no-ELL), who was the daughter of a wealthy noble family and a relative of French royalty.

In 1805 Lafayette rejected an offer by President Thomas Jefferson that he become Governor of Louisiana in the United States. He preferred to stay in his beloved France and did not want it to appear that Napoleon could drive him out. Marquis de Lafayette 271 Lafayette did not resume public life in France until 1814, when he was elected to the Legislative Chamber, France’s lawmaking body. He was the first to demand Napoleon’s final and permanent departure as head of the government. Napoleon was overthrown in 1815 after a disastrous defeat by the British army at Waterloo, Belgium.

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American Revolution Reference Library Vol 3 (K-Z) Biographies by Lawrence W Baker

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