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Application Kit Framework Reference - AppKitObjC - download pdf or read online

By Apple Computer

Developer Documentation to OS X and iOS AppKit, 5051 pages. average from Apple. traditionally asingle huge ebook equivalent to this, all of the long ago from subsequent Step days in 1990 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NeXTSTEP). suitable for over two decades, and a part of all Apple present items, and xPlatform OPENSTEP, GNUstep, Cocotron AppKit for MS home windows (https://code.google.com/p/cocotron/), and plenty of incarnations of AppKit to permit Objective-C programming on non Apple OSes. an identical moment huge guide is "Foundation".

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All Rights Reserved. 38 Contents Overview 4828 Tasks 4829 Instance Methods 4830 NSTextInputClient Protocol Reference 4837 Overview 4837 Tasks 4837 Instance Methods 4839 NSTextLayoutOrientationProvider Protocol Reference 4849 Overview 4849 Tasks 4849 Instance Methods 4850 NSTextViewDelegate Protocol Reference 4851 Overview 4851 Tasks 4851 Instance Methods 4854 NSTokenFieldCellDelegate Protocol Reference 4874 Overview 4874 Tasks 4874 Instance Methods 4875 NSTokenFieldDelegate Protocol Reference 4884 Overview 4884 Tasks 4884 Instance Methods 4885 NSToolbarDelegate Protocol Reference 4893 Overview 4893 Tasks 4893 Instance Methods 4894 NSToolbarItemValidation Protocol Reference 4899 Overview 4899 Tasks 4899 Instance Methods 4899 NSToolTipOwner Protocol Reference 4901 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc.

The image is otherwise positioned and oriented using the current coordinate system. 4 and later. h initWithBitmapImageRep: Initializes the receiver, a newly allocated CIImage object, with the specified bitmap. - (id)initWithBitmapImageRep:(NSBitmapImageRep *)bitmapImageRep Parameters bitmapImageRep An image representation object containing the bitmap data. Return Value The resulting CIImage object. 4 and later. 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. h 2011-08-17 | © 1997, 2011 Apple Inc.

You can also set targets and actions programmatically. An NSControl object is associated with one or more NSCell objects that implement the details of drawing and handling events. For example, a button comprises both an NSButton object and an NSButtonCell object. The reason for this separation of functionality is primarily to allow NSCell classes to be reused by NSControl classes. For example, NSMatrix and NSTableView can contain multiple NSCell objects of different types. Tables The NSTableView class displays data in row and column form.

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Application Kit Framework Reference - AppKitObjC by Apple Computer

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