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Read e-book online Armor At War Series - Wwii - Waffen-Ss In Combat PDF

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9 3 Asquith had succeeded in conjuring up the right atmosphere but it was debatable how long it would last. Possibly all that had happened was that men and positions had been changed around, but there were bound to be worries about whether principles were not also changing. Given the course of events since January the suspicion was not unnatural. The birth of the coalition had been surrounded with secrecy and seemed to reflect a covert concession to Toryism. What assurances had been given to the Opposition?

Moreover the reality was harsher for its being sudden. What appears in retrospect as a growing tension beneath the surface of party politics after January 1915 struck Liberals at the time as something less dangerous, a mere manifestation of factiousness in the opposite camp. The radical Pringle had come to feel by the beginning of May that the Conservatives might try to force a general election on the issue of a more vigorous prosecution of the war,89 but the prospect of a coalition was not in his mind.

30 November 1919, Journals and Letters of Reginald Viscount Esher, iv, 249. In democracies, particularly, the Leader sets the tone of the Party. Lord Robert Cecil to Gladstone, 11 April 1922, Cecil MSS, 51163 fol. 80. Neil James Archibald Primrose, son of Lord Rosebery, son-in-law of the seventeenth Earl of Derby, brother-in-law to the Marquess of Crewe, went to war in 1917. By way of a send-off, Sir Alfred Mond organized a dinner in his honour; and one of those attending was Viscount Sandhurst, who found the occasion ' interesting' but evocative of certain sad memories since the house in which the party was held had once belonged to the late Lord Kimberley, with whom he had often dined in happier days.

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Armor At War Series - Wwii - Waffen-Ss In Combat

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