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Why do you may have striped epidermis? Who else lives within the jungle? are you able to see within the dark?

Ask a Dinosaur supplies children the solutions they call for approximately this captivating and extinct animal, directly from the horse's-or for that reason, dinosaur's-mouth.

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Therizinosaurus had claws 3 ft (90 cm) long. That’s as long as an adult person’s arm. 30 From big to small, we ruled Earth for 165 million years! Which was the biggest meat-eater? Giganotosaurus was the biggest meat-eating dinosaur. It was 50 ft (15 m) long. That’s more than three car lengths. Which was the smallest dinosaur? Which was the longest? Seismosaurus was 130–165 ft (40–50 m) from its nose to the end of its tail. That’s about the same as eight African elephants in a row. The smallest dinosaur fossil found was of a baby Mussaurus.

Around 65 million years ago we all disappeared. Some scientists have used modern technology to try to bring back one of us. They haven’t, however, succeeded yet! Did you become sick? Animals do get sick, so it’s likely dinosaurs did, too, but fossils don’t give any clues to this. However, 65 million years ago something more dramatic caused dinosaurs and other large flying and swimming reptiles to die out completely. A meteorite crashes into Earth. 28 Why did you all die out? Scientists have a few ideas.

Plant-eaters would have died first from the cold and from hunger, since the plants they ate no longer grew. Then the meat-eaters died since there was not enough food for them. Dragonfly Frog Lizard Turtle 29 Who were the record holders? Which was the largest flying reptile? Quetzalcoatlus was the largest pterosaur. It had a wingspan of about 43 ft (13 m). That’s the length of one of the wings on a Boeing 737 aircraft. Which had the largest claw? Therizinosaurus had claws 3 ft (90 cm) long. That’s as long as an adult person’s arm.

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