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By Jack Drummond

ISBN-10: 075153904X

ISBN-13: 9780751539042

Within the culture of catastrophe videos just like the Poseidon experience, this tense and gripping thriller is determined in an particular ski lodge in the course of the worst avalanche in residing memory Every 12 months millions flock to the specific ski hotel of Hauts des Aigles to monitor the Race du Diable—the most fun and unsafe downhill race on the planet. This yr six champions will compete for the prize—a infrequent diamond worthy $12 million, donated through a mysterious Russian billionaire. however it is not just the six racers who will danger their lives within the coming days. stuck up of their personal mystery plots and passions, viewers and townsfolk alike are oblivious to the silent killer looking forward to them within the mountains. while the avalanche comes, in simple terms 3 issues can retailer them—fate, braveness, and the desire to reside. not anything can cease it. not anyone can stand in its course. Who will live on?

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When his call was finally answered, Garamonde’s message was short and precise. 'Benoit? It’s Paul. Fuel up. ’ 7 From the moment Johnnie Peat opened his eyes, his brain seemed to speed up. And with a sharp, icy stab of fear he suddenly understood the danger he was in. It wasn’t over. Somehow he’d survived the fall – a hundred metres? Two hundred? — but he was buried. Buried by an avalanche. How deep, he wondered? How far from the surface? Facing uphill or downhill? Or somewhere between? It was impossible to tell.

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At last. Grace a Dieu. Today was the day. Today the snow had come, and all the dismal mutterings of global warming whispered round the hotel’s bar and lobby could take a hike, and every honest Hautien could breathe a sigh of relief. Pulling the thickly lined bedroom drapes back together so the snow glare would not wake his wife, Hugo crossed to the bathroom, closed the door behind him with the softest click and set about his preparations for the day. It was a morning routine as ingrained as it was thorough.

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