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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.


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Anus opens between rami. Young females (Figures 2M-2P). 5 mm wide), ventral half often gorged with developing oocytes. Thorax swollen like brooding females but thoracic cuticle smooth (Figure 2M). Front end of second segment forms small flap overlying dor­ sum of first thoracomere. Oral cone larger relative to antennules, as long as 4 distal articles combined. First thoracopod about half as long as succeeding ones, unsegmented, uniramous, with several distal setae (Figure 2N). Filamentary appendages short, uniramous, with several tiny spines (Figure 2N).

Parietobasilar muscles not evident in section. Oral but no marginal stomata. Sexes separate; trophonemata associated with developing eggs (Figure 31B). Young brooded internally by females; one bell-shaped contracted individual 30 mm in length and di­ ameter contained six young with oral disc di­ ameters ranging from 3 to 6 mm; the pedal disc of each was produced into a cone. Actinopharynx half to two thirds length of 32 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS XVI Fig. 31. Cross sections through mesenteries and body wall of Stomphia selaginella.

A. 1918. Coelenterata. I. Actiniaria. Nat. Hist. Rep. Brit. Ant. ("Terra Nova") Exped. 1910, 5(l):l-68. 1920a. The genus Corallimorphus. Proc. R. , 35B(9):178-186. 1920b. On the classification of Actiniaria. I. Q. J. Microsc. s. 64 (256):425-574. : 1 9 3 3 42 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS XVI 1922. On the classification of Actiniaria. III. Q. J. Microsc. ,. s. 66(262): 247-319. Stotz, W. B. 1979. Functional morphology and zonation of three species of sea anemones from rocky shores in southern Chile.

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