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Download e-book for kindle: Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena by William J. Grabowski

By William J. Grabowski

ISBN-10: 097496283X

ISBN-13: 9780974962832

An exploration of anomalous aerial phenomena (popularly referred to as UFOs), and what seem to be linked effects--"entity" sightings and obvious interactions; "poltergeist" job; extraordinary electromagnetic intrusions concerning phones, TVs, desktops, or even our minds. mentioning either ancient and present-day debts, Grabowski humanizes disturbing--occasionally shocking--material through by no means ignoring its impression on witnesses. a real unknown element at the back of our lives...and speculations that we're jointly taking part with it, projecting desires, melancholy, terror, and desire onto what may be eventually printed because the driving force in the back of evolution--physical, religious, and social. "[BLACK mild] is a heck of a bit of work!" --George Knapp, Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter (KLAS/CBS-TV)

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My only claim is that I have read these, and they go into technical detail left out of Mothman Prophecies. Why? ). None of this did Keel any good. Returning to Colvin, his work raises provocative questions regarding the so-called Men in Black active in West Virginia, Ohio, and elsewhere. My guess is that MIB appeared both menacing and absurd in order to discredit UFO witnesses. This, of course, is the “accepted” theory. Not a useless one, either. ), the heavily industrial, profitable Ohio Valley was fertile indeed for exploitation.

Let's face it: nobody gets out of here alive. Except, apparently, on a few very rare occasions. Like these lonely travelers, I have had several strange encounters that haunt me still. Frankly, I wish they didn't. ” Sharper, braver souls than me have noted that sometimes the "explanation" for anomalous events can be weirder far than the events themselves. I cannot claim final knowledge of what I did, or did not, experience. But the memories—if genuine—charge me with an undeniable sense that something is here, something other than us.

So much evidence exists in favor of man-made UFOs (from Germany, Russia, China, Italy, and America), even as early as 1939, many sightings since need to be re-evaluated. I am not claiming that all UFOs are products of human technology, but certainly many must be. The explosive (literally) presence of unmanned aerial vehicles—popularly known as drones—has added a new level of confusion, and is bound only to get worse. Lending additional credibility to government involvement in the Point Pleasant events of the 1960s, are these statements from John Keel and Jim Keith (Keith died suspiciously in 1999 after surgery from a minor knee injury): Keel, from Fate magazine, Sept.

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Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena by William J. Grabowski

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