Bulfinch's Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology - download pdf or read online

By Thomas Bulfinch, W. H. Klapp, Stanley William Hayter

The writer explains that the aim of this booklet is to 'tell the tales with regards to the religions of old Greece and Rome that are now extinct - that now they belong now to literature'.

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Cowper. The robes and other parts of the dress of the goddesses wert voven by Minei-va and the Graces, and everything of a more ">lid nature was tbrnicd ul Uie variouii me tab. Vul'can wa; Forge of Vulcan (by Tintoretto, Venice). architect, smith, armorer, chariot-builder, and artist of all worR He built of brass the houses of the gods he Olympus. made for them the golden shoes with which they trod tlie air oi the water, and moved from place to place with the speed of the He also shod with brass the celestial wind, or even of thought.

The gods were assembled in council, and it was determined that woman should be created, and sent to man as a punishment for accepting Prometheus' gift. She was made that Jupiter in heaven. ). The gods vied with each other in contributing their gifts. Venus gave her beauty. * Thus equipped, she was conveyed to earth and presented to Epimetheus, who gladly accepted her, though cautioned by his brother to beware of Jupiter and his gifts. Epimetheus had ni his house a jar, in which were kept certain noxious articles, for which, in fitting man for his new abode, he had had no occasion.

GiSy made for him by Vulcan. The king of gods and men. bore a shield called eagle was his favorite bird, and bore his thunderbolts. Ju'no (He'ra) was thf wife of Jupiter, and queen of the gods. the goddess Iris, of the rainbow, was her attendant and messenger. peacock was her The favorite bird. Vul'can(He-phaes'tus), the celestial artist, was the son of Jupiter and Juno. He was born lame, and his mother was so displeased of him at the sight that she flung of heaven. him out Other accounts say that Ju'pi ter kicked him out for taking part with his mother in a quarrel which oc- curred between them.

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