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Download e-book for iPad: Calibration Techniques In Nyquist A/D Converters by Hendrik van der Ploeg

By Hendrik van der Ploeg

ISBN-10: 1402046340

ISBN-13: 9781402046346

ISBN-10: 1402046359

ISBN-13: 9781402046353

In glossy structures sign processing is played within the electronic area. opposite to analog circuits, electronic sign processing bargains extra robustness, programmability, blunders correction and garage probability. the fashion to shift the A/D converter in the direction of the enter of the process calls for A/D converters with extra dynamic variety and better sampling speeds. This places severe calls for at the A/D converter and almost certainly raises the ability intake.

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The number of folds is called the folding factor Ff . 10 shows one folding signal with a folding factor of 8. 10. Nevertheless, between the transitions there is a linear region. 10: Folding of input signal ’ generated, of which only the linear’ part is used for conversion. 11 shows two parallel folding signals of which only the linear parts are applied to comparators. 11) each. This can be expanded to 8 folding signals with one detection level each. However, generating these folding signals requires the same amount of hardware as a full flash converter, since each zero-crossing is generated by one differential pair.

15: Coarse levels determine the DAC subtraction levels to generate the residue signal Before the fine quantization is done, the residue signal is amplified by the residue amplifier to reduce the accuracy requirements in the fine A/D converter. Since the coarse and the fine quantization do not take place at the same time, the use of a sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA) is obligatory. 16. 16: Two-step A/D converter architecture converter. This therefore requires twice the settling time with respect to the flash and folding and interpolating architecture, although the settling requirements during coarse conversion are relaxed with respect to the settling during fine conversion, as will be explained later.

22: Total intrinsic capacitance of a SHA in a two-step A/D con- verter as a function of the number of bits (N), with NEF = 4 The two-step architecture provides a large reduction in intrinsic capacitance compared to the flash architecture. However, to make a proper conversion, it is very important in a two-step structure that the fine range fits exactly in a coarse range. In this derivation above it is assumed that the circuitry that provides this guarantee has a negligible contribution to the intrinsic capacitance.

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Calibration Techniques In Nyquist A/D Converters by Hendrik van der Ploeg

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