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Read e-book online California Science: Student Edition: Grade 4 PDF

By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

ISBN-10: 0022843787

ISBN-13: 9780022843786

Existence technological know-how; dwelling issues desire power, residing issues and their Environment.EARTH technological know-how; Rocks adn Minerals, gradual adjustments in the world, quickly alterations on Earth.PHYSICAL technology; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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New PDF release: California Science: Student Edition: Grade 4

Lifestyles technology; residing issues want strength, residing issues and their setting. EARTH technology; Rocks adn Minerals, gradual alterations in the world, speedy alterations in the world. actual technological know-how; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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Every environment has its own food chains. However, the same basic parts of each are the same. Here are some examples of food chains you might find in California. Can you identify which organisms are the producers and consumers in each? Sun heron mayfly algae sunfish Reading Diagrams Where does the fish in this diagram get its energy? Clue Find out where the arrow that points to the fish comes from. 46 EXPLAIN A pond food chain might start with a plantlike producer called algae (AL•jee). These algae float in the water collecting sunlight.

Try It In this activity you will observe how water moves through a plant. Remember to record your data as you observe. C Pour 100 mL of water into a jar. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the cup and stir with the measuring spoon. C Use scissors to cut about 3 cm off the bottom of a fresh celery stalk. Put the stalk in the water. Record the time that you did this. a. Differentiate observation from inference (interpretation) and know scientists’ explanations come partly from what they observe and partly from how they interpret their observations.

Most animals cannot survive without oxygen for more than a few minutes. They need oxygen to carry out life processes. Most of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants and plant like living things that make their own food. Plantlike living things in the ocean, such as this kelp, produce much of the oxygen you breathe. B Quick Check Compare and Contrast How does the way plants get energy differ from the way animals get energy? Critical Thinking Would animals be able to live without plants? Why or why not?

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California Science: Student Edition: Grade 4 by Dr. Jay K. Hackett

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