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Cancer Immunology: Innovative Approaches to Therapy by Marjorie Robert-Guroff, Robert C. Gallo (auth.), Ronald B. PDF

By Marjorie Robert-Guroff, Robert C. Gallo (auth.), Ronald B. Herberman M.D. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461296439

ISBN-13: 9781461296430

ISBN-10: 146132629X

ISBN-13: 9781461326298

This quantity is the second one within the 'Cancer therapy and examine' sequence focussing on easy and medical tumor immunology. It has a slightly diversified concentration or emphasis from that of the 1st quantity, released years in the past. That paintings (Basic and medical Tumor Immunology, R.B. Herberman, ed., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1983) committed enormous cognizance to up­ dated summaries in numerous parts of classical tumor immunology: particular antitumor immunity, the immunologic competence of melanoma patietns, char­ acterization of human tumor-associated antigens, the power to propagate in particular immune T cells in tradition within the presence of interleukin 2, and using such cells for adoptive immunotherapy of tested tumors. of facts in regards to the immune despite the fact that, it additionally reviewed the prestige surveillance speculation and mentioned the necessity to think of non-T cellphone mediated mechanisms of host resistance. particularly, one bankruptcy sum­ marized info at the position of macrophages in host resistance opposed to tumors. the current quantity maintains to stress one of many significant subject matters of the 1st quantity, cutting edge ways to the treatment of melanoma. It comprises contributions from major investigators on a number of fundamental varieties of healing interventions concerning monoclonal antibodies, the col­ laboration of monoclonal antibodies with macro phages to mediate antibody established mobile cytotoxicity, lymphokines, tumor vaccines, and normal killer cells. It additionally has an up to date precis of the immunologic points of the intriguing and promising paintings being played on human T mobilephone leukemia virus within the laboratory of Dr. Robert Gallo.

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In this scenario there is not necessarily any stimulus for the induction of new, foreign tumor specific antigens since, for example, the growth factor gene may become transcriptionally active simply as a result of a translocation/rearrangement process: the gene itself may not itself be mutated, and codes for a normal cellular growth factor protein. There need not be anything immunologically foreign about the growth factor. 32 However, it is also now known that oncogenes may also be mutated forms of a normal cellular gene coding for a potential growth factor, the human ras gene being one example [18].

Molecular cloning and expression of cDNAs for the human interleukin-2 receptor. Nature 311: 626:... 631. , Honjo, T. 1984. Molecular cloning of cDNA encoding human interleukin-2 receptor. Nature 311:631-635. e. 1983. A survey of human leukemias for sequences of a human retrovirus, HTLV. Nature 302: 626-628. , Wong-Staal, F. 1984. Structure of 3' tenninal region of type II human T lymphotropic virus: evidence for new coding region. Science 225:419-421. A. 1984. Trans-acting transcriptional activation of the long terminal repeat of human T Iymphotropic viruses in infected cells.

65] and Kerbel et al. [80] reported that many (in some cases, all) tum - clones generated from a particular mutagen (EMS) treated tumor cell line eventually reverted to a tum + phenotype if examined over a 6 month period. Similarly, 5/8 tum - clones 42 generated by MNNG treatment from a guinea pig fibrosarcoma by Zbar et al. were found to be phenotypically unstable [66]. To understand and appreciate how, and why, these observations relate to the hypomethylation hypothesis, it is necessary to provide a brief summary of the relationship of DNA methylation to gene expression.

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Cancer Immunology: Innovative Approaches to Therapy by Marjorie Robert-Guroff, Robert C. Gallo (auth.), Ronald B. Herberman M.D. (eds.)

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