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Chemistry of the Rarer Elements by B. S Hopkins PDF

By B. S Hopkins

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Eng. 25 74 (1921). 6 Bodenstein and Wachenkeim, Ber. 51 265 (1918). 9. Argon is about 2£ times as soluble in water as is nitrogen. At ordinary temperatures 100 volumes of water will dissolve about 4 volumes of argon. Argon diffuses through a fine opening about 3^ times as fast as would be expected by comparison with oxygen. 2 times that of air. The dielectric cohesion of argon is 38, ranking next to helium and neon. The sparking distance in argon is about 40 per cent greater than in air. A phosphorescence similar to that obtained in neon has been observed.

If an altitude of 10,000 feet i« to be reached, as is necessary in crossing the* Rocky Mountains a helium gas bag ran only bo filled to 70 j>er rent, of its rapacity to provide for the expansion of the gas at these altitudes. Devices are being planned for compressing the gas, but thene mean increased weight, decreased fuel capacity, and a corresponding limitation in cruising range*. The most important scientific use of helium in probably in connection with studies in radioactivity ami extremely low temperature work.

In the rnariufiiettint of lahm wt%U*t* JIIHI in pyrotechnics. Lithium hydride, LiH, in formed by diriwt mmlrinutfan «>f tfa* e\vun*ntH> Its properties indicate that it in a nnlt. On HUwtrttlymH in a vm'ttturi, hydrogen is lilxsratcd from tho anmio arid ltthiitm at. HIM vtillmin. * 1 Aston, ^^wr«, 106 H27 ( m i ) ; I)t>rnp*ter, /M#«. ife». 18 416 GROUP I —LITHIUM, RUBIDIUM, CAESIUM 50 TABLE X Solubilities of Alkali Chloride in 100 g. xolvcnl at 2n° C. LiCl NaCl KC1 RbCl . . soluble in acids hut difficultly soluble in water.

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Chemistry of the Rarer Elements by B. S Hopkins

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