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Download e-book for iPad: Close Range Combat Wing Chun Book 1 by Randy Williams

By Randy Williams

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Although he bravely fought the debilitating effects of cancer, he finally succumbed to the deadly disease on December 2 of that same year. Nowadays, due to the efforts of Yip Man and his many students, the art of Wing Chun has flourished throughout the world and its followers continue to increase in number. 16 •RWBook1 8/19/04 1:55 PM Page 17 Wing Chun Terminology 17 •RWBook1 8/19/04 1:55 PM Page 18 Close Range Combat Wing Chun: Volume One Wing Chun terminology is an important part of the system, not only to preserve it as an art, but also because in general, the terminology of the system is designed to inform and describe rather than giving colorful images of dragons, snakes and other creatures, persons or places.

Close approximations given where possible. 21 •RWBook1 8/19/04 1:55 PM Page 22 Close Range Combat Wing Chun: Volume One 22 •RWBook1 8/19/04 1:55 PM Page 23 Traditional Wing Chun Rules of Conduct Sau Gay Loot Soong Syeung Moh Duck Remain disciplined—conduct yourself ethically as a martial artist. Ming Lai Yee Ngoy Goke Juen Chun Practice courtesy and righteousness—serve the community and respect your elders. Ngoy Toang Hock Tuen Geet Loke Kwun Love your fellow students—be united and avoid conflicts.

Note the level palm, bent wrist and central 135° elbow position of this Yin blocking motion. The thumb should be tucked to help guide the Chi to the outer wrist. The elbow sinks and the shoulder should remain relaxed The wrist should be bent to level the palm. In application, the Tan motion drills forward and does not move outward unless the entire body turns, in which case Tan remains referenced to the 40 •RWBook1 8/19/04 1:55 PM Page 41 The Three “Families” of Blocking Self-Centerline, 45° off the Centerline Plane.

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Close Range Combat Wing Chun Book 1 by Randy Williams

by Donald

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