Cognitive Development and Acquisition of Language by Timothy E. Moore PDF

By Timothy E. Moore

ISBN-10: 0125058500

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For our purposes, the most important property is that they will be facing each other a short distance apart. It is in this position that John and Mary are situated for the optimal perception of messages—both verbal and SPACE, TIME, SEMANTICS, AND THE CHILD 35 nonverbal—from the other person. John is in Mary's positive perceptual field, and Mary is in John's. If John and Mary were side by side, or back to back, or back to front, or in any other position, these conditions would no longer be optimal.

Certain objects are considered to have intrinsic tops and bottoms, just as some objects have intrinsic fronts and backs. Among these objects are bottles, chairs, tables, people, some boxes, doors, desks, and buildings. " Indeed, tops and bottoms in these cases appear to be defined relative to a canonical position, the upright position. Bottles, chairs, tables, people, and so on are normally found in a particular position, and tops and bottoms are defined by gravitation relative to this 44 Herbert H.

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