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Download e-book for iPad: Colour Observed by Enid Verity

By Enid Verity

ISBN-10: 0333306651

ISBN-13: 9780333306659

ISBN-10: 1349163732

ISBN-13: 9781349163731

Colour saw [Loose Leaf]

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When the light is refracted through the kind of prism used in a spectroscope, the change in the direction of light caused by its slowing up as it passes through the glass of the prism varies slightly with wavelength, the red light being deviated least and the blue light most. With ordinary white light such as sunlight, a typical continuous spectrum is revealed, but the spectroscope can detect the very great differences between such a spectrum or a similar one produced by a tungsten lamp or a gas discharge lamp.

6" ~ g 42 Colour Observed There are many ways of generating light, and the surface colours in the world around us are affected by the kind of light illuminating them and the spectral composition of the light from the illuminant, which can be revealed by the spectroscope. When light travels through a transparent medium such as glass, its velocity is slowed down. Although all electromagnetic waves travel at the same velocity in a vacuum or in free space, their velocity through transparent materials depends to some extent upon the wavelength of the light.

The subtractive primaries known as cyan, magenta and yellow, subtract respectively the three primary regions of the spectrum known as red, green and blue, which are the additive light primaries. Additive and subtractive primaries are complementary aspects of the visible manifestation of the electromagnetic spectrum. A comprehensive understanding of colour requires some knowledge of the nature and constitution of the visible spectrum, and of the harmony and interaction between the principles of additive and subtractive colour mixture.

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Colour Observed by Enid Verity

by John

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