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By Nicci French

ISBN-10: 0141957360

ISBN-13: 9780141957364

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Do not name me a demon. I favor the time period Fallen Angel. everyone merits a holiday, correct? specially when you have a unnecessary activity like tormenting the damned. So who may perhaps blame me for blowing off my tasks and taking a small, unauthorized holiday? in addition to, i have consistently desired to see what actual lifestyles is like.

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A father’s diary, an artist’s memoir. by means of the writer of the best-selling 3 Golden Keys. whereas my father used to be in China and Tibet, he saved a diary, which was once later locked in a purple field. We weren’t allowed to the touch the field. The tales I heard as a bit boy pale to a hazy dream, and my drawings from that point make no feel.

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She sounded wistful. ’ I knew she didn’t, of course – we’d been in a recorder class together when we were eleven, but that was about it. ’ ‘His name’s Neal. I’m not sure you actually met him. I didn’t know him that well. ’ ‘Well. ’ ‘I don’t know. ’ ‘So what? ’ ‘I guess not. And, anyway, maybe it’s too soon. ’ Sally shifted her position on the grass and gave a great yawn. ‘Sorry. I am interested. ’ ‘Amos thinks we should stay good friends, but it isn’t that simple. You can’t just go from being lovers who think they might be together for ever to being on civilized good terms.

I feel sick even thinking about it. Have you allowed yourself to imagine what it would be like? He’s dead. ’ ‘Oh, no! ’ ‘What? Don’t talk about it? If you can’t even bear to talk about it, how will you actually do it? That’s what happens, isn’t it? ’ ‘You don’t want to touch him. ’ ‘It’s a crime, don’t forget. Maybe that doesn’t mean so much to you, not now, but for me…’ She stopped and swallowed hard. ‘Covering it up, blocking the investigation. We could go to prison for a long, long time. I could, I mean.

After I didn’t know what to do next, and although I understood that every second might matter, that time was running out, I simply stood in the living room, not looking at where he lay face down in the puddle of his own blood. I tried to think, but there were spaces in my brain where thoughts should have been. At one point, I put my hand on the bolt ready to leave, to run into the road and breathe in the night air, but I stopped myself. I wiped the bolt clean with my sleeve, rubbing at the smudge, imagining the spirals of my fingerprints disappearing.

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