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66 Other commentary from other sources corroborates these arguments: According to Dr. Robert N. McClelland, “the right posterior portion of the skull had been extremely blasted. . Dr. Ronald Coy Jones described “what appeared to be an exit wound in the posterior portion of the skull. . Dr. ” 67 These statements from Parkland personnel clearly support the notion that the official Bethesda autopsy is suspicious and that a frontal shot seemed likely. Groden’s 1989 research on Parkland hospital inconsistencies has been corroborated by the most definitive study of this controversy.

Kennedy repeated time and time again. It was over. ” 40 40. Summers, Anthony. Conspiracy. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1989, pp. 3-4. 23 Conspiracy in Camelot About thirty minutes after the shooting, a deputy sheriff noticed a stack of book cartons on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Thus began a collection of evidence which resulted in the attribution of this killing to a sole gunman firing from his sniper’s nest in that building, Lee Harvey Oswald. The following is a list of the “best evidence” collected against him these last 30 years.

The second round appeared to have acted not as a bullet encased in a thick metal jacket would have but more like a frangible, soft or hollow-nosed missile with a thin metal jacket traveling at extremely high velocity. . The startling fact was that the bullet that hit Kennedy’s head had not behaved like a full metal-jacketed round at all. A great number of tiny lead fragments was characteristic of a completely different kind of bullet. . . The bullet that hit him in the head disintegrated completely.

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