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Download e-book for iPad: Constructing Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society by Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

By Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

ISBN-10: 0585466920

ISBN-13: 9780585466927

ISBN-10: 0810843404

ISBN-13: 9780810843400

ISBN-10: 0810843412

ISBN-13: 9780810843417

PProfessor Sinagatullin believes well-built multicultural lecture room is vital to decreasing racial, ethnic, non secular, type, and gender prejudices. This ebook explores problems with range in a rural environment and introduces the reader to problems with people pedagogy and enthopedagogy that experience formerly remained unexplored.

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A. Kelly) insist that people are not merely passively molded by internal and external forces. Instead, phenomenologists focus on the individual’s perceptions and interpretations of the meaning of events and on each individual’s own subjective experiences and feelings about those events. Behavioral approaches to personality development (J. Dollard, N. Miller, B. F. Skinner, and A. Bandura) emphasize that there is no way of knowing what goes on inside other people except by observing carefully what they say and do.

Some habitually complain of how rapidly time passes away. In this regard, I again recall a conversation with an old man, my friend’s father, who then was eighty-three. ”It seems to me,” the old man once confessed to me, ”as if I have been living in this world for only three days. ” There might be nothing novel in these two assumptions of the two old men. Each mature adult is experientially aware that age is a relative issue and that human life has its own boundaries and limits. ” What I heard from these two old men has considerably influenced the development of my personality and teaching career.

Japan, Poland, Germany, and Cuba represent relatively monolingual cultures. Any minority ethnic community conversing both in indigenous and mainstream languages can be called bilingual. For example, the ethnic minority communities dispersed all over Russia are mainly bilingual; Russia itself, in this respect, is a multilingual culture. The terms ”trilingual” and ”quadralingual” are equally relevant regarding specific individuals. In linguistically diverse societies, bilingual education programs are being designed to address the language and cultural needs of minority students.

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Constructing Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society by Ilghiz M. Sinagatullin

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