New PDF release: Dangerous Girls

By R.L. Stine

ISBN-10: 0060530804

ISBN-13: 9780060530808

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ISBN-13: 9780060530822

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ISBN-13: 9780061903038

ISBN-10: 1435104498

ISBN-13: 9781435104495

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Marjory Bauer wasn’t that old, forty-eight or forty-nine, like the coach. Bauer took a leave from school. Destiny remembered the rumors about him. That he went berserk or something. That neighbors could hear him talking loudly to himself late at night. That he had lost all interest in coaching the team. ” Destiny asked. Fletch shrugged. “Ross and I are the only seniors. ” Bree Daniel called from across the room. Sitting on the floor across from Ari and Courtney, Bree waved her empty soda can in the air.

She said, wrapping him in a hug. She brushed her hands through his thick, coppery hair. “Dad got me a new game,” he said, holding up his Game Boy. “See? ” She hugged him again. “Yuck. ” He pulled back. 34 “It’s a really awesome game. ” He glanced around. ” “Packing. ” She gave him a shove toward their sister’s cabin. He took off toward Arapaho. “Hey, Liv, we’re here! ” Destiny turned to see her dad come striding up the hill, arms outstretched, a smile on his face. His glasses glinted red in the early-morning sunlight.

Livvy rolled her eyes. “He found some new 36 kind of worm he’s never seen before under my bed. He was following it around the cabin, studying it. ” “Our cabins are a great place to study mutant insect life,” Destiny said. ” “Mikey is definitely growing up,” Livvy said. “He used to eat the worms. ” “Let’s start packing up the car,” Dr. Weller said, massaging the back of his neck. He sighed. ” “Dad looks so much older,” Livvy said. She whispered even though they were upstairs in their room. “It’s just because his whiskers turned white,” Destiny said.

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