Dark Visions: The Strange Power; The Possessed; The Passion by L.J. Smith PDF

By L.J. Smith

ISBN-10: 1416989560

ISBN-13: 9781416989561

ISBN-10: 1416996664

ISBN-13: 9781416996668

Proficient AND CURSED Kaitlyn Fairchild has regularly felt like an interloper in her small place of origin. Her haunting eyes and prophetic drawings have earned her a name as a witch. yet Kait's no longer a witch: She's a psychic. uninterested in being refrained from, Kait accepts a call for participation to wait the Zetes Institute, the place she will have a clean begin and research with different psychic kids. studying to hone her talents with 4 different proficient scholars, Kait discovers the depth of her strength -- and the enjoyment of getting precise acquaintances. yet these friendships speedy turn into complex while Kait unearths herself torn among impossible to resist men. Rob is type and athletic, and heals individuals with his solid power. Gabriel is competitive and mysterious, a telepath concealing his real nature as a psychic vampire, feeding off of others' existence power. jointly, Rob and Gabriel's opposing forces threaten the group's balance. Then one of many experiments traps the 5 teenagers in a psychic hyperlink. A hyperlink that threatens their sanity and their lives. And Kaitlyn needs to make a decision whom to trust...and whom to like.

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Run through town with a megaphone telling all kids to beware of spiders? Go down to the elementary school looking for girls with wavy hair? Even if she tried to tell them, they’d run away from her. As if Kaitlyn brought on the things she drew. As if she made them happen instead of just predicting them. The lines of the picture were getting crooked. Kaitlyn blinked to straighten them. The one thing she wouldn’t do was cry—because Kaitlyn never cried. Never. Not once, not since her mother had died when Kait was eight.

Lettering on its side read DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH AUTHORITY. Lewis brought his camera down, looking awed. “Jeez. ” “Which is . . ” “It’s the last stop. It’s where they put the baaaaad boys. ” “My dad says it’s the place for kids who’re on their way to state prison. ” Kait exclaimed. “Well, what’s it doing here, then? You don’t think . ” She looked at Anna, who looked back, serenity a bit clouded. Clearly, Anna did think. They both looked at Lewis, whose almond-shaped eyes were wide. “I think we’d better get down there,” Kaitlyn said.

And then, deftly and unceremoniously, he turned up the skirt of her red dress. Kaitlyn’s mind went into shock. She simply had no experience that had prepared her to deal with this situation—a perfect stranger reaching under her dress in a public place. And it was the way he did it; not like a grabby boy at all, but like . . like . . a doctor examining a patient. “It’s not a cut. Just a knot,” the boy said. He wasn’t looking at her or the leg, but down the hallway. His fingers were running lightly over the painful area, as if assessing it.

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