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As previously demonstrated in the case of Ta [13], the lowest energy kink pair in the absence of a preexisting APD has the character pln–nrp. In Ta at 28 Lin H. Yang et al. Ch. 02 eV used in microscale DD simulations to account for the observed yield stress [21]. For this reason, we have adopted the pln–nrp kink pair as the appropriate model for kink-pair formation in bcc transition metals, and used it here for Ta, Mo, and V at both ambient and high pressures. To model an isolated pln or nrp kink accurately, we work at constant volume and set up the GFBC simulation cell in the form of a long compliant cylinder made up of unit disks of width b and radius 20b (for the atomistic region), and a total length 60–80b centered on the dislocation line.

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