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This can be a entire English translation of the recognized Ethiopian paintings The Kebra Nagast - "The Glory of the Kings of Ethiopia." Compiled by means of a Coptic priest within the sixth century advert, from a lot older fabric, The Kebra Nagast is a striking mix of legends and traditions, a few ancient and a few of a mythic caliber, derived from the previous testomony and the later Rabbinic writings and from Egyptian (both pagan and Christian), Arabian and Ethiopian resources. the main subject matter of the paintings is the descent of the Kings of Ethiopia from the union of Solomon, King of Israel, and the Queen of Sheba. Woven in the course of the tale are many vital narratives, together with prophecies within the previous testomony that trouble the Messiah as utilized to Jesus Christ, the background of the insurgent angels, and legends of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba within the Koran.

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When he travelled through the air on his magical carpet of green silk, which was borne aloft by the wind according to the King’s direction, the men stood on the right of it, and the spirits on the left, and a vast army of birds of every kind kept flying over the carpet to protect its occupants from the heat of the sun. One day when he was reviewing the birds he perceived that the lapwing was absent, and he asked why she was absent, and threatened to punish her for not making her appearance with the other birds.

That same night Solomon saw a dream in which the sun came down from heaven, and shone brilliantly over Israel, and then departed to Ethiopia to shine there for ever. Then a Sun far more brilliant came down and shone over Israel, and the Israelites rejected that Sun and destroyed it, and buried it , but that Sun rose again and ascended into heaven, and paid no further heed to Israel. When Solomon understood the meaning of that vision he was greatly disturbed and troubled in his mind, for he knew that the departure of the sun from Israel typified the departure of God.

E. Queen of the 20 Commentary of Jalâl ad-Dîn Muhammad bin A˙mad, Cairo edit. H. 1311, pt. 2, p. 60. , p. 70. 22 See Littmann, Dr. , The Legend of the Queen of Sheba in the Tradition of Axum, Leyden, 1904; Conti Rossini, Ricordi di un Soggiorno in Eritrea, Asmara, 1903. li Këbra Nagast South), and her people worshipped a dragon or serpent, to which each man in turn had to present as an offering his eldest daughter, and large quantities of sweet beer and milk. When the turn of her parents came they tied her to a tree where the dragon used to come for his food, and soon after this seven saints came and seated themselves under the tree for the sake of the shade it gave.

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